Wandering by Georgia Tseri

Georgia Tseri: “Like another, then, Odysseus, I fought, I wandered, and finally I created Forms from my Ego, who dares – sadly – to still suffer…”

Inspired by the myth of Odysseus and his return to Ithaca, Georgia Tseri’s exhibition “Wandering” explores self-knowledge and self-awareness as the road to creation.

Her work mainly uses the medium of paper processed with mixed techniques using wax, inks and colour. Her creations are “magical” environments composed dynamically in a small space where the human figure prevails and delimits the composition.

The exhibition of Georgia Tseri, ‘Wandering’, is presented for the first time in Kythira at the Follow Your Art Gallery in Kapsali, Kythira, from 15/7 until 6/8

Opening: Sunday 15 July at 21:00

Duration of exhibition 15/7 to 6/8

FOLLOW YOUR ART: Καψάλι, Κύθηρα, τηλ: 6973639044


georgia tseri

16.07.18 Category: Blog

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