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Let's visit Kythera! 🍃
There you will find our #greenkey 🗝 awarded #astartihiddenretreats Hotel. Their team, from planning, designing and building to the operation and administration is dedicated to green practices that pay respect to the environment and lessen their ...
Kapsali 👌🏼
Kaladi 🌕
Kombonada 🏖
Diakofti 🚢
Τα δύσκολα πέρασαν !! Το νησί μας βρέθηκε στη πορεία του κυκλώνα και άντεξε. Ευχαριστούμε για όλα τα μηνύματα και την αγάπη σας... Καλό ξαφνικό χειμώνα ! Φωτό: @giorgos___92 Γιώργος Καλλίγερος
Melidoni Cyclone Zorbas 💨
Agia Pelagia 🙏🏻
Fourni 🏖
Χρόνια πολλά 🙏🏻
Fyri Ammos 🏖
Palaiopoli ⛵️
Kalimera .. what a way to start the day ... this is some of the bliss I miss 💙 #kytheraisland #kythera #visitkythera #supportgreece #visitkythira #velvettestudio
Diakofti 🏖
Kapsali nights 👌🏼
Kapsali 😍
Plateia Ammos 🏖
Kythira 💙
I was made for sunny days, I was made to explore little alleys and find blue doors in the Greek islands and beyond!! Find your inner beauty, try to live in the moment!! And dream big...if you can dream it ...
Agia Pelagia 🚤
"Smell the sea and feel the sky.
Let your soul and spirit fly"
🎵🎶🎵Van Morrison
That's what summer is about!! Happy September!! And remember summer is a state of mind!! #castlekythera #chorakythera #kythira #kythera #greece🇬🇷 #travelblogger #greektravelblogger #piwgoeskythera #kytheraisland #kytheragreece ...
Diakofti 👌🏼
Sunrise in paradise
There was a fire that lasted three days
Something in the way she moves.
"Είχε θανατηφόρο αριστερό σουτ. Κατευθείαν στα μνήματα".
Top of the World..
Greece @scar366 🎥 @henriettaaa.j
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