Soul Massage at El Sol Hotel

Exclusive Holistic Therapies While you are enjoying the beauty of the island, and discovering its treasures, why not take a true “time out” from everything and offer yourself a “peace of mind”. Exit your noise and immerse yourself into a journey inwards, with holistic therapies like, Reiki, Sound Massage, Sound Bath, Meditation, Chakra energy work, Transformative Energy Coaching . “Soul massage” Holistic therapies, are available to you, for a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility in the privacy of a clean and sanitized space. For more information and bookings

Soul Massage
+30 6944205154

A Restaurant for Sale

For sale, the “Kaleris” restaurant in the village of Agia Pelagia, Kythira. It is located in the centre of the most touristic area of the island, on the coastal front. A 50 years business history, famous and attractive on the island. Equipments, furniture and facilities available and ready bor business.

More info on the phone numbers: 6982667250, 6972715886

Information also on Trip Advisor and Visit Kythera

A long-standing vision becomes finally a reality at Karavas

The restoration of the old traditional micro-dams along Trail M49A has begun in a collaborative effort between the Municipality of Kythera, the Domestic Estate Management Committee of Kythera, the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA), the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos, Portokalia Karava Association, Patrikios Agricultural School of Karava and Omorfos Karavas Association with the help of local residents and volunteers.
The first 5 micro-dams have already been completed and are already filled with water.
There are multiple benefits from this work: recharging the aquifer, supporting biodiversity as well as human activities along the ravine (farming etc.)
The works continue and those of you who want to volunteer you can join us this Wednesday and Thursday (Sep 2 & 3) at 9:30 at Keramari spring of Karavas

Kythera – Athens from €31

Flights within Greece from €19!

Offer is valid for direct and connecting domestic flights operated by Olympic Air network.

  • GoLight from €19 with one cabin baggage
  • Flex from €34 with one cabin baggage, one checked baggage up to 23kg and unlimited ticket changes with no rebooking fees

Bookings until 01/09/2020
Travel between 08/09/2020 – 21/03/2021

Terms & Conditions:
The offer is valid for all direct and connecting domestic flights. The offer is valid for bookings until 01/09/2020 and travel from 08/09/2020 until 21/03/2021 for flights operated by Olympic Air network. Fares refer to one-way travel and include all taxes per passenger for tickets purchased through The lowest available fare for flights to Athens is €19 and €41 for flights from Athens. The lowest available fare for flights from/to Thessaloniki starts from €24. The lowest available price for below routes is different. From/to Athens: Karpathos, Ikaria, Naxos, Kithira, Milos, Paros, Skyros, Zakynthos, Leros, Sitia, Skiathos, from/to Thessaloniki: Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, Mytilene, Skiathos, Chania, Heraklion, Paros, Samos, Kalamata and Chios and the route from/to Rhodes – Kastellorizo. In case of ticket cancellation refund policy is applied depending on fare category. In case of ticket cancellation refund policy is applied depending on fare category. Ticket changes are permitted – relevant charges depend on fare category. The offer is valid for Economy Class fares. Payment card fees do not apply for transactions with any debit or credit card. A hand luggage up to 8kg is allowed on Golight fares. 

Vikentios Rooms

Double room – 40 euros per night. Apartment – 55 euros per night

September in Kythira

Visit Kythera informs friends of our island that the associated accommodation businesses have prepared special offers for the month of September. Friends of Kythera can choose the accommodation of their choice by visiting the following link:

We, at Visit Kythera, in association with over 100 companies for the last 15 years, offer our visitors the luxury of a safe destination, a unique picturesque character and a human scale tourist infrastructure providing visitors once again great experiences in ideal conditions throughout the summer.

Together with our people we invite you to Kythira in September so you can enjoy your vacation away from crowded places where we follow necessary measures of personal protection.

Closing our message, we would like to thank our dear collaborator, cinematographer George Kalligeros * for the kind donation of the visual material used in our campaign.

* Learn about George Kalligeros and his activities on his professional website:

Good Reunion in Kythira!




Δίκλινο για όλο το Σεπτέμβριο από €20.
Χειμερινή διαμονή από €160 μηνιαίως.


Double room for €55 per night.

Abramis Guesthouses

Για όλες τις ημέρες του Σεπτεμβρίου, οι Παραδοσιακοί ξενώνες Αμπράμης στα Μητάτα Κυθήρων, διαμορφώνουν τις τιμές ως εξής:
Κλασσικά δωμάτα:
Κλασσικό 1, 40,00/ημέρα
Κλασσικό 2, 35,00/ημέρα
Κλασσικό 3, 40,00/ημέρα
Κλασσικό 4, 30,00/ημέρα
Κλασσικό 5, 35,00/ημέρα

Παραδοσιακό δωμάτια:
Παραδοσιακό 1, 50,00/ημέρα
Παραδοσιακό 2, 50,00/ημέρα
Παραδοσιακό 3, 45,00/ημέρα
Παραδοσιακό 4, 40,00/ημέρα
Παραδοσιακό 5, 55,00/ημέρα

Κούμος, 50,00/ημέρα
Κατώι, 80,00/ημέρα
Ανώι, 100,00/ημέρα

Terra Oliva Country Houses

Double room for €40 per night.

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