Twelve recommended beaches for 2018

Although a small island, Kythira, thanks to its rich geomorphology, has a extended coastline with about 40 large, small and very small beaches. Several of them are accessible by road, while others can only be reached by sea. Several beaches have organized facilities with refreshments, umbrellas, lounge chairs, and other amenities. We selected twelve beaches, which we recommend as they offer you the best experiences and water fun this summer!



The largest beach in Kythera is located in the east, next to the fishing village of Avlemonas. It is sandy with very fine and colorful pebbles and relatively shallow waters. It features umbrellas with lounge chairs, a beach snack shack and public toilets. Access is by asphalt road leading to a large parking area. The beach has been nominated for the Blue Flag Award. It is slightly exposed to the northeast winds. Note that according to mythology, Aphrodite was born on this coast.


This beach is the trademark of the island. It has been photographed more than any other beach. Situated to the east, it has pebbles and deep blue-green waters, and is divided into two small bays by an impressive rock. Access is by asphalt road leading to a few stone steps descending to the beach. This beach is not organized and parking is limited. It can be described as “busy”, since its natural beauty attracts most of the island’s visitors. It is exposed to the northeast winds.


κομπονάδα κύθηρα

A beach famed for its wild beauty, Kombonada is located east of the Trasavarianika village. It is a relatively long beach with pebbles and deep water. Access is by asphalt road leading to an ample parking. It is organized with a beach snack shack, lounge chairs with umbrellas and toilets. Kombana is exposed to the northern and eastern winds. If you want to enjoy sunrise or full moon, the view of the horizon is gorgeous.



Χαλκός Κύθηρα

Are you looking for a beach that is not affected at all by winds? Visit Halkos. It is located to the south of the island and has pebbles, deep water suitable for norkeling, and wonderful colors. The beach has umbrellas with lounge chairs and a beach snack shack. Access is through an asphalt road from the village of Kalamos, but the last 300 meters are through a dirt road. Parking is satisfactory.



κυριακουλού κυθηρα

Want an escape to an isolated secluded beach to swim? Kyriakoulos beach is located east of Kapsali. You can reach it only by sea with a boat starting from the Kapsali pier. It is a small beach with green colors, deep water and pebbles.



Καψάλι Κύθηρα

The beach of cosmopolitan Kapsali, the port of the capital of Kythera, is one of the most crowded of the island. With fine sand and pebbles with shallow water, it is protected from winds and is organized with umbrellas and lounge chairs. A special ramp for bathers with disabilities is available on the beach, which has been awarded the Blue Flag award. Kapsali offers cruise boats for short excursions, water bikes, canoes, and a diving school. Cafes, restaurants and mini markets are close to the beach.

There are public toilets for people with disabilities. Opposite Kapsali, the rocky island of Chitra (or Egg) includes a stunning sea cave that you can visit with a small tourist boat. Kapsali is only 2 km from Chora, with hotels a few meters from the beach.



Σπαραγαρίο Κύθηρα

This small beach, known as a nudist beach, is located across from Kapsali at the mouth of a small gorge below the Kythera Castle. It has pebbles and deep water, and can be reached by a dirt road, but tourists can visit it by renting a water bike from Kapsali beach.



Μελιδόνι Κύθηρα

Melidoni is southwest of the island, after the village of Drymona. This small, sheltered beach has fine sand and small pebbles, with relatively shallow waters. It is organized with a beach snack shack, umbrellas and lounge chairs. A four wheel jeep is recommended as a large segment of the access road is a dirt road. The beach is protected from the winds. Parking is satisfactory.



ρούτσουνας κύθηρα

If you came to Kythera to escape the crowds and want a completely deserted beach to relax, then Routsouna is your beach. Located northwest of the island, at 5 km from Gerakari, this completely deserted beach has pebbles and deep water and is particularly exposed to the northwest winds. Access is made by dirt road requiring a four wheel jeep. Because the road network in the area is not marked, we recommend using a GPS device. With good weather and visibility, views of Mani and Cape Tainaro are stunning.


Platia Ammos

πλατεια άμμος κύθηρα

The beautiful fishing village of Platia Ammos, at the northernmost end of the island, has a lovely blue beach with sand and fine pebbles. The beach is organized with umbrellas and chairs, and is bordered by coffee shops and restaurants with fresh fish. Access is by asphalt road, 3 km from the village of Karavas. The beach has been nominated for the Blue Flag Award.



λαγκάδα κύθηρα

A legend says that Barbarossa landed on this beach when he attacked Kythira and besieged Paliochora. It is 2.5 km east of Agia Pelagia through a dirt road. This Blue Flag awarded beach is fully organized with umbrellas, lounge chairs and beack snack shack. It has sand, fine pebbles, and relatively shallow waters and offers great views of the Malea cliff. It is exposed to the northern winds. Next to Lagada, the splendid gorge of Kakias Lagkada expands.



διακόφτι κύθηρα

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Diakofti is located at the northeast, by the harbor. It is a beach with fine white sand and very shallow waters in turquoise colors. It is the ideal beach if you have small children. The beach is not easily affected by the winds as it is protected from the opposite islet, Makrychthyra. It is organized with sun lounge chairs and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants by the water and plenty of parking space. Diakofti is a candidate for the Blue Flag award.


Do not forget that there are other beaches waiting to be discovered. Log on to with your mobile phone to find all relevant information. Good summer and good diving! Hippolytos Prekas (

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