September in Kythira

Visit Kythera informs friends of our island that the associated accommodation businesses have prepared special offers for the month of September. Friends of Kythera can choose the accommodation of their choice by visiting the following link:

We, at Visit Kythera, in association with over 100 companies for the last 15 years, offer our visitors the luxury of a safe destination, a unique picturesque character and a human scale tourist infrastructure providing visitors once again great experiences in ideal conditions throughout the summer.

Together with our people we invite you to Kythira in September so you can enjoy your vacation away from crowded places where we follow necessary measures of personal protection.

Closing our message, we would like to thank our dear collaborator, cinematographer George Kalligeros * for the kind donation of the visual material used in our campaign.

* Learn about George Kalligeros and his activities on his professional website:

Good Reunion in Kythira!



28.08.20 Category: Blog

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