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The lesser-known Greek islands gaining popularity this summer. Greece’s lesser-known islands are growing in popularity. Hidden gems may not dominate your social media feed like Santorini just yet but they offer equally rewarding sights that are less crowded and often cheaper.

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular holiday spots but it’s becoming a victim of its own success, straining under the weight of 32 million international visitors. Islands like Mykonos and Santorini are reaching saturation point with daily flows of thousands of tourists stretching infrastructure and supplies. With that in mind, this year might be a good time to take the pressure off the hotspots and visit some lesser-known gems.

Specialist tour operator, Sunvil recently analysed search volume for Greek islands – the number of times per month that people in the UK search online for terms including each island’s name – and found that the biggest increases in volume between 2018 and 2019 were for lesser-known islands.

Kythira with its perfect beaches, waterfalls and sugar-cube architecture generated the most searches this year, followed by Samos, which lies just off the Turkish coast.

Dudley Der Parthog, Sunvil’s programme director for Greece, said: “today, more and more people are searching for those less-travelled or ‘secret’ islands. Whether they’re looking to escape the crowds and their own busy lives, or to simply fuel their own wanderlust – and others’ through social media – we know it’s always a thrill to discover somewhere new – and first.”

All of these islands offer excellent places to stay with often cheaper rates. Ηere’s the full top 10 list:

1.Kythira +340%
2.Samos +39%
3.Limnos +38%
4.Kythnos +32%
5.Halki +30%
6.Koufonisia +25%
7.Milos +23%
8.Meganisi +22%
9.Tilos +21%
10.Karpathos +14%

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