Exploring Kythera with George!

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Visit Kythera announces a new video series production for the summer of 2018. The production is signed by George Moulos, a Kytherian Australian content creator who takes us around the town and tells us about its history.

The video series “Exploring Kythera” as it is called, will run through the social media and the Visit Kythera, Kythera.Live websites with the aim of boosting the Kythera’s image overseas! This unique initiative will allow us to reach out to the Kytherians of Australia, especially the young generations.

We want to thank George Moulos and his company George Moulos Media for his collaboration and we hope that you will enjoy exploring Kythera.

George Moulos Media is open for business through the web at https://moulosmedia.com/

Have a wonderful summer!
Ippolytos Prekas

Watch here the first episode:

29.06.18 Category: Blog

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