A long-standing vision becomes finally a reality at Karavas

The restoration of the old traditional micro-dams along Trail M49A has begun in a collaborative effort between the Municipality of Kythera, the Domestic Estate Management Committee of Kythera, the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA), the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos, Portokalia Karava Association, Patrikios Agricultural School of Karava and Omorfos Karavas Association with the help of local residents and volunteers.
The first 5 micro-dams have already been completed and are already filled with water.
There are multiple benefits from this work: recharging the aquifer, supporting biodiversity as well as human activities along the ravine (farming etc.)
The works continue and those of you who want to volunteer you can join us this Wednesday and Thursday (Sep 2 & 3) at 9:30 at Keramari spring of Karavas
02.09.20 Category: Blog

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