Red Complex

Located 4.5 miles off the coast of Kapsali. A dive site that is always protected from adverse weather.
Depths from -6m to -28m. There are no currents within the gulf while mild currents might be observed towards the end of the peninsula, with an easterly or westerly direction depending on the weather.
Awe inspiring, unique rock formations delineate the complex creating arches of monumental proportions and comfortable passages. Large anchors lay on the sea bed waiting to tell maritime stories of days gone by. Vibrantly coloured sponges of purple, yellow, green and mostly red hues adorn the entire site that is aptly named after them. A vertical wall running for several meters features openings that resemble large portholes and housing an ample variety of small orange corals, marine spirographs in various shades and a microcosm of brightly coloured invertebrates. It’s no wonder that with all these visual stimuli many divers don’t even realise that by the end of the dive they have made their way underneath the little cape and finish their underwater exploration in an inviting sheltered bay where schools of friendly parrot fish (Sparisoma Cretense), cow bream (Sarpa Salpa) and red scorpion fish (Scorpaena scrofa), among others, await.

src: Kythera Dive Center

27.05.18 Category: Blog

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