Plan your Trip to Munich

Take off on the wings of Aegean Airlines for magical, cosmopolitan Munich, the city that perfectly embodies the “German dream” in the shadow of the Bavarian Alps. With a history that seems to end in the 12th century, the capital of Bavaria has quietly but confidently developed a multifaceted personality with many disarming aspects.
Here, the rural atmosphere of a large village blends with the modernism of a contemporary metropolis; the Bavarian rustic quality of the outdoor beer gardens and Oktoberfest with the aristocratic palaces of the Bavarian rulers; the sophisticated spirit of avant garde theatre and world-class museums with the luxurious lifestyle and comfortable life; the idyllic parks on the banks of the Isar River with the innovative business centres of international scope.Book now on and travel to enchanting Munich, a city that remains steadily at the top of the list of the world’s cities with the best quality of life.

10.05.19 Category: Blog

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