Idra Kayne at Astikon

Idra Kayne – daughter of a Ugandan father and a Greek mother – was born and raised in Greece during the ’80s. She discovered her passion for the performing arts at a very early age. She has studied dance (ballet & jazz) for 15 years and has been a member of a choir for 12 years.

Performing @ Astikon on 20th and 21st of August at 10.30 pm. Free entrance. Reservations: 27360.33141

After graduating high school she studied social work at the university of Athens. She has studied technical voice placement at the Vocal Art Academy and has taken acting lessons at the Theatro ton Allagon. Since 2000 she has performed at various well known nightclubs of Athens and has collaborated with various artists as a backing vocalist.

In 2007 she performed at the Meet The Streets Festival in Rotterdam as a member of the Roots&Routes project. Her first album “Don’t walk away” was released worldwide on December 14th 2011 by EMI Records, written and produced by Big Time Pr. In March 2012 her first single “Don’t walk away” was chosen as Song of Spring 2012 by Jumping Fish while she has participated in 3 theatre productions since 2011, the operetta “Daughter of the Storm”(2011) and the musicals RENT (2012), FAME(2012), ANNIE(2013) and PRISCILLA (2014), SWEET CHARITY (2016)…

urban soul/underground pop/Funk/

Folowed by:

Dimitris Schizas, guitar

George Dellis, keyboard

George Costelletos, drums



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