Experiencing Sound Massage

sound massage

Imagine your body is a lake of still water, and someone drops a pebble in it. Circular vibrational waves are formed traveling throughout your body reaching trillions of cells. Since we are made up of 70% water, sound also travels in a massage-like motion into our tissues, organs, bones, lymphatic, blood and nervous systems and penetrates all blockages that have been accumulated as toxins. Sound releases the stale frequency,  thus freeing the body from tension, pain, and stress. Sound massage brings the person receiving it into a state of deep relaxation. While helping the body to self-heal, it also helps balance the emotional body and quieten the busy mind. Allow yourself to dive into the sound vibrations and let them travel you. You may feel a sense of levitation or floating, or of losing the present moment. Some people, after their therapy, say they felt like they had slept for hours. Sound massage is excellent for people with insomnia, nervous and highly stressed people.

More information here: https://soulmassage.gr

13.07.19 Category: Blog

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