“Cythère – Soudan….Le temps du retour”

Jean Marie Stratigos, while carrying out of his professional duties, he visits Sudan, which is for him a place directly linked to his family’s history. His grandfather, at the beginning of the previous century, had left Mylopotamos and the deserted island of Kythira and sought his fortune in Africa where he met his future wife who was Greek / Sudanese.

Jean Marie Stratigos, repeats this journey now by photographing a Sufi ceremony, a dilapidated temple, and ordinary people in Sudan. One could say, that he completed the journey that his grandfather didn’t. These photos are exhibited for the first time in Kythira.

Jean Marie Statigos

Opening: Saturday 7 July at 21:00

Duration 7/7 – 14/7

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13.07.18 Category: Blog

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