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It seems that the worse is behind us. The main starting points of fire are now extinct. Fire fighters stay active for any possible flare-up. Important back up reinforcement means are coming from Neapolis and Mr. Evangelos Apostolou, the Minister for Rural Development is arriving from Athens today August 6th. Of particular importance is the fact that all infrastructure of the island remains untouched. The port, airport, hospital, nursing home, streets, etc. have either been spared by the fire or saved. Summer in Kythira goes on as usual and we all invite friends of Kythira to actively demonstrate their love for the island by supporting it in every way. Those who planned their holidays in Kythira have no reason to change their schedule. On the contrary, it is very important for all of us to feel that we are not alone.
We expect and hope that the authorities will announce measures to support the island and the people, not only directly but also on the long run. Now is not the time for analysis and accountability. The end of the tourist season will allow us to reflect on the events and draw conclusions. We, the people of Kythera continue to prevail in everything, everyday.


06.08.17 Category: Blog

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