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“Φάρμα αδέσποτων ζώων – Adopt a cat” is a registered animal welfare organisation the island Kythira and has been founded by Irene van Klinken. Over the years she managed to neuter and vaccinate over 750 cats on the island. Soon it became clear that much more needed to be done for the animals on the island. However this could only be realized if she could get financial help, so Adopt a cat was born.

Irene van klinken

Irene first set food on Kythira in 2005. It didn’t take long for her to realize she was home. By the end of 2007, she left Holland and moved to Kythira to start a new life. Slowly it became clear that her calling on the island would be taking care of the animals and making sure that they got a better, happier and healthier life. First of all she started up a program to have the cats on the island neutered and vaccinated. On top of this she took care of them, fed the ones in need and supported people on the island who needed help looking after their animals. this has lead her to create the organisation that it is now. Every Sunday you can find her on the Potamos market where she sells home-made marmalade, cookies, small jewelries, t-shirts in order to raise funds for her organisation.

On this website you’ll find information on what has been done for the animals on the island and her plans and goals to give the animals on Kythira a better, happier and healthier life. If you have any questions or requests feel free to contact her. All information can be found under the tab “Contact”

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